Thursday, October 6, 2011

69. Thundercats Incidentals Sheet Two

Brickfielder: Didn't really have a specific insect in mind, but I know I was inspired by ants and a leafy walking stick. ^^ I named him Brickfielder because what it is, is essentially is a hot dry wind that blows across Southern Australia. To me, he looks like he'd be a runner that runs across deserts and plains. So if you have a message, and you don't have technology, he'd be your best bet. ^^

Blue: Eat your heart out Mordecai! Nah seriously, I think Mordecai and Blue would be good friends... Mostly. XD Named him Blue because... well, that's pretty self-explanatory. I think he's my favorite out of the bunch. I'm a huge fan of taking birds and making them a little more human-like. Thundercats seems like a show where it's like a huge hodge podge of different eras, so hopefully his style of clothing doesn't seem too out of place with the rest of the cast. It is inspired by Late 19th century clothing.

Bali: Spider lady who doesn't like having eight legs... so she chops off the four that she thinks she doesn't need. Crazy right? :p Her whole body is not drawn yet, but I'm thinking that in a future character sheet, She'll actually be standing up tall so you can see exactly how she stands.

Lyla: Based on a cornish rex, which is a housecat. I was looking through a Cirque du Soleil Fashion Art Book, and I was inspired like crazy. I thought it would be very fun and cute to literally just wrap a character like a giant flower.

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