Wednesday, September 28, 2011

68. Thundercats Incidentals Sheet One

Ferry: Ferry's based on a Tibetan Fox. I tried giving him a more squarish head for which Tibetan Fox's are famous, I think I'm almost there, but I kept fiddling too much with it, so I left it as is. As long as he comes across as dismissive, I'm good. XD

Senin: Based on the Abyssinian cat. He's hot.... and that's about it... And I'm sorta imagining him to have a rivalry with Cheetara. Because it would be hot. Super hot.

Clamtaro & Clamtila: Please tell me you know what these animals are.... XD jk, so obviously based on clams, and guess what, they have feet! Or feelers... ^^ btw, the "l" in Clamtila is like a y sound, like in tortilla. So it's pronounced like Clamtiya.

Pug-tzu & Pug-li: Yeah... So I have a penchant for some of the deadliest animals ever, sharks, orcas, crocodiles... but then you got Pugs. Pugs also make my top animal list. I have two pugs at home, and all I know is that they are incredibly squishable and make extremely poor guard dogs. Anyone who knows me in person knew that this was coming...

This seriously was too much fun.

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