Friday, February 28, 2020

Portfolio Blog


Unlike this blog, I try to keep my personal portfolio as clean and streamlined as possible, and as such, most text related to each picture have been removed. Everything in my portfolio is also posted here, but might be easier to sift through on the above link. Thanks for viewing! ^^


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ANIME EXPO: Sailor Moon Prints!


These prints sans watermarks will be available at Anime Expo! (one 11x17 and five 5x7 mini prints). Come visit us at table G25. Don’t forget about our tumblr and instagram giveaways! Enter-able until after the con!

Lookin' forward to seeing you guys there!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014


In honor of Anime Expo, me and Kwestone are holding two goodie giveaways! Mine will be here on tumblr, while his will be on his Instagram. HIS GIVEAWAY IS ALREADY UP!

If you want to enter, please go to my tumblr! It's quick and easy; good luck!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ANIME EXPO: Transformer Laminates

Guess it’s about that time again! Anime Expo 2014 is just around the corner and I’m rollin’ out some new laminates! Many of you who visited our booth last year are seeing some familiar faces, but along with the familiar faces, I have an additional seven NEW laminates. These include the following from the top to the bottom: Cyclonus w/ Tailgate, Tailgate, Thundercracker, Starscream with crown, Skywarp, Arcee, and Rung! Depending on how much time I have left til the con (a month!), there might be more added

All the laminates are up on our website! Sorry it took a couple of days to get them up there, but at last, they are there. $3 for one or $30 for the whole set of 16, which is under two bucks per!

Pick them up today on the website or pick them up at AX (table G25)! The prices at the con (which are slightly different) are as follows, 1 for $3, 4 for $10, and 10 or more, $2 each!We look forward to seeing you guys.


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ben 10: Omniverse Asset Sampler Episodes 46-50

These assets are from Ben 10: Omniverse episodes “Rad Monster Party,” “Charmed I'm Sure,” “The Vampire Strikes Back,” “Catfight,” and “Collect this.”

NOTE: I did not color these. That is the job of the color stylists. ^^ Our character/prop colorists are below!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ben 10: Omniverse Asset Sampler Episodes 41-44

hese assets are from Ben 10: Omniverse episodes “Something Zombozo This Way Comes,” “Mystery, Incorporeal,” “Bengeance is Mine,” and “An American Benwolf in London.”

NOTE: I did not color these. That is the job of the color stylists. ^^ Our character/prop colorists are below!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Papillioxian Incidentals

I’ve been promising these darned butterflies for forever! This is the follow-up to my R’amey Holl redesign. More info about these butterfly beauties below.
I had a lot of fun designing R’amey, so this happened. ^^ As you can see, it’s colors galore, and I’ll probably design more butterflies in the near future with even more crazy (and muted) color patterns.
Some headcanons about the Papillioxians:
  1. Very colorful type folks. They come in all different sizes and shapes!
  2. Don’t usually wear clothing- sometimes wear accessories like necklaces, scarves, jewelry
  3. Pacifist people and planet
  4. Language is verbal but also pheromone based
  5. Most of their foods are nectar based
  6. Fat and fluffy caterpillar babies (which I will draw soon lol)
Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! Keep the GLTAS spirit alive! I can’t stop with these incidentals :p