Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Steven Universe Reference: Gemstones


Part 4 of my reference list! Links to all reference graphics are in links above.

ALL Images in this set are taken from the Steven Universe Wiki, specifically the gemstone page. Thank you to all the people who made these assets! Pictures are divided into four sections: individual gems, fusion gems, corrupted or shard gems, and other. As more gems show up, I might update and alter as needed :)

This might be a good reference for you if you’re deciding to draw gems for your gemsonas or other fanart.

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  1. could you please add the gems or gem shards for the other prototype/mini clusters they can be found if you scroll down through the gemstone page to where it says forced fusion gemstones it has the two you already have up there but it also has the ones for the other clusters as well also you forgot Blue Diamond's Pearl's Gemstone and Yellow Diamond's Pearl's Gemstone you can find those by scrolling back up to where it says gemstones and then scroll down to the bottom of that portion of the page and if you see something that says Blue Diamond's Pearl's Gemstone then you have found one of the Diamond's Pearl's Gemstones and if you scrooll down one more time from there you should see something that says Yellow Diamond's Pearl's Gemstone if you did see that then you have found both of the Diamond's Pearl's Gemstones