Friday, September 11, 2015

DOUSTRAVAGANZA 2! Steven Universe Design Contest!

Brought to you by me and shikai-of-the-4th-world, mod of the always fantastic gemsona-hq! Thank you for letting me use your prompts!
Because Steven Universe has returned, and because my inaugural doustravaganza was a success (70+ entries!), it was inevitable that another contest would be held! It’s also an excuse to celebrate the fact that doustravaganza has surpassed 610+ followers! Thank you to all those who follow and enjoy other artist’s renditions of my fan characters :) Without further ado:


  1. Do any or multiple of the prompts on this listThis by c2ndy2c1d is a good example of #12 for example
  2. Limit 3 entries
  3. The fusion has to include at least one of my gemsonas.
  4. Make sure one of the first five tags is dou hong -Or- submit a link!
  5. Deadline is Friday, Nov. 13th! 



  1. This kick-ass Cartoon Network Official SU Tee
  2. One season of Steven Universe (any season digital copy)

To clarify the above, there are TWO winners. The grand prize winner will get first pick on the prize that they want. 
Previous winners are allowed to participate, but they are unable to win another prize during the year that they have won. So if you are a previous winner in 2015 (special mentions do not count), then you are not eligible to win. You are eligible to enter, but prizes are limited to newcomers of the current year.
The most current entry is on top. If you do not see your entry on the list within 1-2 days of posting, assume that I did not see it. At that point, submit your link to the club! Accepting links from tumblr or deviantart only!
Have fun!
Check out previous winners at my Hall of Fame!

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