Saturday, October 15, 2011

70. Thundercats Incidentals Sheet Three

Consider him the Cruella De Vil of the Thundercats Universe. He likes furs, horns, bones, and he'll kill for them. He's inspired by the Sphinx cat, and even though he has a little bit of hair (Yes Sphinx cats do have hair, it's just more like peach fuzz!), he can't seem to get enough of other animal's fur. His looks change quite often, since he is sorta of fashionable. I mean look at those horns! Scary thing about him though, is that he won't just shave you, he'll literally just take a patch of your skin and hair. And you don't have to be dead for him to do it. Unfortunately, Lion-o's hair has been brought to his attention. Oh, and I'm in serious doubt that the hair on
top of his head is actually his.

Okay, seriously, what do you think this character does? XD Based on white common housecat. I seriously tried searching for a cat that sorta had hair like a Puli or Komondor dog, but my search was for naught! So it might seem a little weird for a cat character to have dread-like hair, but I thought it would be a nice change of pace from typically smooth-haired characters. Okay... so to fulfill my hair bonanza, I now just need to give a character a fro, and I'll be good. ^^ Meddles is a magic-casting cat, and loves playing jokes on animals of all kinds!

MONKARU: He likes money and trinkets. Lots of it, and he'll come up with ridiculous schemes to get them. With the help of his friend Lucky, he can actually pull off some fantastic heists. I was not really inspired by any specific monkey species when I designed this guy, but all I know is that he looks like a really annoyed curious George. His most current mission is to steal the book of omens.

LUCKY: I don't know what he does. Like with that outfit, I really can't think of anything that he would do except be a performer. XD He and Monkaru are friends and business partners. And by business partners, I mean they're con-partners. He might look a little femme, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to fight. You really don't want to meet this guy in some dark alley, he'll mess you up.

And that lizard on the far right, well, I plan on coloring him up too, so he might be in the next batch! ^^

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