Wednesday, February 15, 2012

89. Senior Sketch Blitz 2 (Lancia Progress)

These are the sketches from my second sketch blitz. Now these were very fun just because many of them are proportionately very odd. I'm envisioning this car not to have wheels, because of my story that will go along with this.


A revolutionary psychologist uses unconventional means to help his patients. He employs the use of a mind integration machine (virtual reality) and accompanies them on a path to learn more about them and to help them. He leads them on a journey in his Lancia, which is his own mental construct.

But why use a car in a mental journey? Cars are familiar to most, if not all people. Even the mental construct of a car can be a comforting image in an unstable mind. It establishes a familial point in a person's head and fits very well of the notion of taking a drive through a persons memories and psyche.

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  1. That's a dope premise. Sounds like a car designer's equivalent of Inception!