Wednesday, February 15, 2012

90. Senior Capstone Supplemental Studies (Rorschach)

Because my senior capstone is heavily tinged with the psychological aspect of the human psyche, it was very appropriate to use Rorschach tests as inspiration for design direction. I made about 45 and from that bunch I chose 25 that I felt were the most refined.

I'm not sure whether or not I will use these for potential overall silhouette design, or maybe the interior, but these Rorschachs will play a part of my final design.

I tried looking online for pictures of Rorschachs, but many of them were.... boring, so I had to do these myself, which definitely paid off. They're very simple to do, all you need is some black paint, water, a piece of paper, and a brush. Fold the paper in half hamberger or hotdog style, and then apply paint to one side. Once paint is applied, just fold the other half over and unfold, and voila! Adding a little water to the paint will allow you to get a watercolor texture, and can create a more overall polished design.

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