Thursday, February 3, 2011

46. Young Justice Sketch Blitz #1

Soo.... anyone catching up with the new Young Justice series on Cartoon Network? I am.

And I'm pretty much hooked. I admit, I don't watch too much TV, but apart from Psych/Transformer Animated, there hasn't been a show that I'll actually sit down and wait for the TV to show a new episode. From what I've seen so far, I like pretty much everyone that's shown up so far. :3 Speedy's a little dramatic, but other than that, I really like all the characterization that's flyin' about. Don't even get me started on the aesthetics.


I haven't been drawing many personal things in a while, but I've started to get back into the groove of things. Anyone else currently living in the Rhode Island/New England area knows how crazy the weather's been. It's snowed heavily 4-5 times in three weeks. There's slush everywhere! Anyway back to the deviation, these are a variety of sketches of the main 5 characters with some extra little tidbits thrown in. It's like a YJ/TT/JSA bonanza! btw, I don't know what Aqualad looks like as a kid, but for some reason, I'm imagining his gills to be a lot poofier as a kid. I don't know if Black Manta ever will show up in the show, but if he does, I anticipate UBER UBER ANGST. I can't exactly tell you guys who my favorites are so far, probably Aqualad and Kid Flash. Miss Martian is pretty close behind them, and I'm sure the show's going to go crazy when Artemis shows up.

Okay, rambles are over. :3

Young Justice on Fridays at 7 PM, on Cartoon Network, check it!

Remember, too much cinnamon monkey bread equals tummy shame!

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  1. Well-well-well. Look who's finally blogging again... the answer is "Me"! JK :] Oooo! These sketches are okay if you like that kind of thing. You know... anything that is AWESOME! Nice job. Bulls eye. Miss ya lil' buddy.