Monday, December 27, 2010

45. Happy Holidays from the coolest Pug in town!

... Well, I think he's the coolest!
I hope everyone had a happy holiday! Here are some pictures of my Pug that I have taken over the holidays. Pugsly's the type of dog that loves to lounge around the house and snap at any stray bits of food that happen to fall his way. I think he really enjoyed this holiday. ^^ I've never really had a post specifically about this guy, but I think he's deserved it. ^^ He's about to turn four.
I am not a director by any means, so be forewarned, this camera is a little shaky. Pugsly's a very active pug when he wants to be, and he occasionally runs from one end of the house to the other, with a little goading from me of course!


  1. I want to meet your dog! HE IS SO CUTE!

  2. omg dou you are so cute and silly!!! my fav ones are the first pic and the 5th pic. pugsly looks so handsome in the 5th one! <3