Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Steven Universe Crystal Gems: Part 2

More Gemsonas! Some of you who have been following me for a while have probably seen about half of these concepts already in my earlier gemsona post. Obviously, most of the ones that I’ve designed prior have changed. Since Opal and Peridot have popped up in the show, I’ve changed their names.

Other gem designs below!

Stevonnie Fusions | Pearl/Garnet Fusion | Gemsonas [1][2][3][COMPILATION]

I think I honestly had a harder time picking the names of the gems rather than designing them, lol. If you are having trouble deciding what gemsonas you want to do, check out Gem Select or Gem Hut. Minerals by Name is also a good resource as well. There are hundreds of gems, semiprecious stones, minerals and rocks to choose from! Check out gemsona-hq too, a great archive of gemsonas on tumblr.



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