Thursday, September 18, 2014

R'amey Holl Sculpture

14” Tall (16.5” if you include the antennae!)
6” Wide
8” Deep
Wing Length 16.5”
Wing Span 32” (She is HUGE)
Whew!!! My first Sculpey sculpture! Took about two and a half weeks, made mainly with time outside work  ^^. It took a while to decide who I wanted to sculpt first, but I went with one of my re-designs, R’amey Holl, a Green Lantern. Lots of changes were made as I was sculpting, most noticeably around her lower body area and her wings. I used almost a whole lb of sculpey original, which is probably why she’s lookin’ so rough-ish. ^^
Hope ya’ll like it! Keepin’ the GLTAS love alive! Hopefully I can make some moreredesigns/oc’s in the future ^^. Gonna be dropping another design set (babies) during the remainder of this week.

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