Thursday, January 30, 2014

Papillioxian Incidentals

I’ve been promising these darned butterflies for forever! This is the follow-up to my R’amey Holl redesign. More info about these butterfly beauties below.
I had a lot of fun designing R’amey, so this happened. ^^ As you can see, it’s colors galore, and I’ll probably design more butterflies in the near future with even more crazy (and muted) color patterns.
Some headcanons about the Papillioxians:
  1. Very colorful type folks. They come in all different sizes and shapes!
  2. Don’t usually wear clothing- sometimes wear accessories like necklaces, scarves, jewelry
  3. Pacifist people and planet
  4. Language is verbal but also pheromone based
  5. Most of their foods are nectar based
  6. Fat and fluffy caterpillar babies (which I will draw soon lol)
Thanks guys, hope you enjoy! Keep the GLTAS spirit alive! I can’t stop with these incidentals :p

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