Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ben 10: Omniverse Asset Sampler: Episodes 37-39

NOTE: I did not color these. That is the job of the colorists. ^^ I only drew them, so my world is black and white. Our character/prop colorists are below!
These assets are from Ben 10: Omniverse episodes 37-39. "The Ultimate Heist," "A Fistful of brains," and "For a Few Brains More." I will post more assets of previous episodes so be on the lookout! Thanks for looking!

I have received several questions about possibly revealing some spoilers, however, I am not a person who will do that. But talk to our Art director, Derrick J. Wyatt, and he might be more inclined to do so. :p ALSO, the airing date sometimes doesn't match the production number, so don't be confused!
Cheers, guys! I'm surprised it took me so long to post these things. ^^


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