Monday, July 22, 2013

Korugan Incidentals

I promised Korugans, so here they are! In every piece of media that I see of Sinestro and his fellow korugans, they’re either pink or red, but I did add purple to that skin range for a bit more variety. Hair comes in brown/gray/black/white, and if hair is in any other color, it’s probably dyed or synthetic. Black Sclera is the norm, but there are sclera of all different colors. Korugans can wear any color they want, but yellows and blues are preferred. I didn’t delve into their clothing too, too much, but hopefully I can jump back into it in another post.
The next incidental set will probably be the Reach, so that’ll be a lotta fun. Three new species that jumped on the list are the Tamarans, the Slyggians, and the Dhornians (Kanjar Ro). I was also going to consider Chaselon’s species too, but I’m not going to think about that one until I finish one more sheet. You don’t really realize how many alien species there are until you try to draw them all… LAWDY… 
Past incidental Sheets:

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