Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Inspired by Windona’s fic featuring the Reach Scientist (Seriously? that’s her name!?). A lovely story, check it out if you can! Heavily features the Scientist and Jaime, and their interactions.
Ok, so it’s not directly inspired, but it did kinda lead me into the direction of this pic. I’m not sure if the Ambassador and the Scientists are related, how closely related, or just if she works for him. ^^ I have this weird little headcanon that they are related in some sense, perhaps like a brother and sister? Like the relationship between Jaime and Milagro, but as if it turned out waaaaaaaay for the worst. Like… the Ambassador was really cool when he was younger, but as he got his own ship and then was put in charge of conquering planets, then you know, turns a bit crazy. 
Orrrrrr, maybe I just wanted to draw some cute reachlings… If someone writes kid!Ambassador or kid!Scientist, I will go bananas.

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