Saturday, October 27, 2012

108. Blue Beetle: Khaji Da +STAGE TWO+


I hadn't done character design in a while, so this was pretty fun. It's actually an older piece, like a month or two old, just posting it now. XD

And of course, being on a blue beetle kick, how could I not try my hand on everybody\'s homicidal scarab, Khaji Da? Now, if you watched "before the dawn," this wouldn't make sense for that universe, but how cool would it be if Khaji Da was originally a Reach Warrior that got stranded on Earth 5000 BC, and was the ultimate influence of the Egyptian aesthetic? 


I love Khaji Da in beetle form, but I always thought it would be so neat if he actually had a warrior form that he was prior to just being the scarab. I mean, maybe the alien that he took over died from old age and that’s how he’s stuck as a scarab, or maybe that’s his true form. Actually, another thing I was thinking, was that maybe Jaime actually has "stages" of transformation, so this would be like his Stage two, sorta like how Iron Man has his Mark II, III, IV and so forth...

I obviously based his look on the egyptian pharaohs (or did they base their looks on him? *wink*). This was really fun to do.

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