Sunday, June 3, 2012


100th post... Quite fitting for a person graduating in one week!

Hey guys! So I haven't submitted anything in a while, but that's because I've been busy finishing up college. ^^ I'm currently a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Cincinnati, college of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning. Also known as DAAP.
We're having our Senior show here at DAAP, and you are welcome to join! The opening is Tuesday June 5th (2 days!) and I'm thinking that I'll be there a majority of the time. I don't know how many of you guys have even heard of DAAP, but if you are interested in a design career for college, UC is definitely an option. I've enjoyed my five years here.

And no... it's not five years because I've been held back, it's literally a five-year program. They include 1.5 years of experience.

So if  you're around the cincy area or if you're a person just curious about Daap, just drop on by in the designated times! You might even bump into me!

My senior thesis will be in the transportation room, on level 6000. That's where all the automotive models will be. ^^

If you have any questions about DAAP or my experiences here, please leave a comment! I love answering questions about my school. Even if it's stuff like the cost of tuition, salary at internships, all-nighters, etc... Sure... DAAP doesn't have the name like Arts Center, Calarts, RISC, or CCS, but we're making a name for ourselves!

Looking forward to seeing all of you! And even if you don't make it opening day, it will be open for 3 days for practically the whole day. :)

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