Monday, May 14, 2012

96. Young Justice Concepts: The Negotiator!

Absolutely loving Young Justice right now! Saw the first episode, bought the season pass on iTunes! I love it so much, that I actually watch the youtube-quality episodes before the episodes download. I can't help it, I literally cannot wait an entire day for itunes to actually allow me to download the HD versions.

Maybe slight spoilers below?


Okay... so I don't know who the "competitor" is, but my guess is the Reach. I've seen some people say it's Darkseid since there has been so much technology from Apokolips, which, I can totally see, but I'm hedging my bets on the Reach, headed by the Negotiator. In the first and third episode, it seemed that the Kroloteans had very bad reactions to the sight of the Blue Beetle, so I'm sure that the Reach is involved in some way or another. MUCH EXCITE!

As for the picture, I'm just a huge fan of the black/sea foam green combo, that it was just very fun to draw this guy. I wouldn't say that he looks totally different from his comic counterpart, but I definitely covered him up a little more. He still has the lights on his arms, but you can't see them until he takes off his cloak. My theory to justify this is just to add more normalcy to his appearance.I'm not imagining him forming his uniform like Jaime does. He usually wears his cloak, but if he were to get into a fight, he can easily take it off, as well as his helmet. As for what's under his helmet, I just gave him hair tentacles. He might look thin, but his body is extremely dense. Punching him is like trying to punch through a boulder. It's a better idea trying to outwit him or make him lose control of his emotions.

Personality wise: Smart and charismatic, arrogant, a control freak, cares only for himself and the Reach, prone to tantrums

I'm not sure who I'm going to try next, maybe Starman (Mikaal Tomas) or maybe Jinx.

Three weeks before I graduate! :)

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  1. Holy Cow! (which is you) You were right about Aqualad! Straight Cray-Cray!