Thursday, October 27, 2011

74. Transformers Prime: Mirage Concept

Okay, well, in my brief backstory about this guy is that he's old. Like... way old. Way older than Optimus Prime and Ratchet. I'm not sure if he'd be older than Megatron, but he probably would be. XD I sure wish I had a Transformers Manufacturing timeline.

Personality... Well, he's had like a bajillion years to calm down, so he's not as vain as he once was. He still likes to look good, but he can take hits without feeling like his life has been ruined. He's especially close friends with Optimus/Ratchet/Jazz. One bot that ruins his day? Knock Out. Because he never hesitates to scoff at Mirage's chipped armor and his scratched paintjob. And maybe because Knock Out reminds him of when he was younger. XDD

He of course, is quite charming. And British. And turn invisible... which is totally rad.

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