Friday, April 22, 2011

52. Autonomous Vehicle Sketch Blitz

This was a 50 count sketch blitz for my Design Communications class taught by Raphael Zammit.

I'll post later about the car, but basically my project this quarter is to design an interior and exterior for an autonomous 2-3 seater city vehicle. Since my project prompt stated that in a couple of years, the safety laws have changed dramatically to the positive response of new electric autonomous vehicle. Basically what that means is that I can change drastically the aesthetics of a car, make it smaller, with more economic use of space.

What would a car look like if it didn't need a steering wheel, seat belts, an IP, or a dash? If it was proven that autonomous vehicles were consistently safe, what could I take out, and how could I make the interior more conducive to everyday life? Maybe work on the go?

Sounds like a challenge, but definitely a fun challenge. Cheers!

Also saw the new Cars 2 trailer today. HOT.


  1. You are a constant master of all you touch. What planet did you say you came from?

  2. Very Cute. I think I will buy one if they are on the market. Get all the attentions.