Sunday, March 13, 2011

49. Transformers Prime: Shockwave Concept

Alt Mode: b2 Spirit Stealth Bomber <-- Just pretend that it's purple. :3

Now, onto the picture! I haven't been in the mood to draw much transformers stuffs lately, but after watching a few more Transformers Prime episodes, my inspiration suddenly came full force. I've been watching TFP and completely lovin' it, but I haven't been getting around drawing too much of it. I don't think I'll be the first to admit it, but I think the reason why I haven't really been jumping on it, is because of the designs. XD They're so complex, with so many parts to them you gotta worry about, like joints, perspective, the shading (OMG), etc. I was very intimidated.

But, I have decided to face that fear and just start with a very plain concept model, no action, no complicated posing. Shockwave is my favorite character in the transformers fandom, dunno why. Maybe because he's purple, unemotional, and scary? Anyways, keeping in spirit of the higher ranking decepticons having flight modes, his alt mode is a b2 Spirit Stealth Bomber. These TFP designs are interesting, just because they're so detailed, sometimes I have trouble placing what parts move when the robots switch to their altmodes. Like, with Soundwave, it's easy, just because it's so obvious that his arms are his wings, but his other parts, like his legs? That takes a little bit more observation. :3 I think I would have driven myself crazy if I thought about Shockwave and his transformation scheme too much.

I prefer Shockwave to have two arms instead of having one arm and a gun arm. But hey, I was thinking that maybe one of his arms could transform into a cannon or melee weapon, or even both! I'm a big fan of built in weapons, in the TFP universe, I think it makes perfect sense for one of Shockwave's arms to transform into a massive cannon if he wanted it to.

I'm not sure if this guy will show up, but I hope he does. Some other characters that I was thinking of trying are Perceptor, Skyfire, maybe First Aid. Pretty much anyone from the nerd herd. XD Blades, Blaster, and Blurr also pop up in my mind. As for the Decepticons, maybe Swindle, maybe Barricade.


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