Sunday, August 1, 2010

TFA Stunticons: Breakdown

XD He looks a little nerdy doesn't he? Maybe it's the suspenders. Or the bowtie. Or the really bright colors.

I had too much fun with this guy. Although, how he got such a cool gun is beyond me...

Anyways, I'm not sure if I said this anywhere, but the next group of characters that I'm Animated are the Aerialbots! So if you love those five little darlings, then keep a lookout! I've actually started sketching them and I'm really excited how they're turning out. It also doesn't hurt that I get to work on them during Figure Drawing class as our final "personal project."

Would it appropriate that Fireflight looks like an astronaut? XD


  1. Dou! You're so good! Can't you finish school faster!?!!

  2. I love your work guys.. TFanimated was such a fantastic piece of work. Everything about it was good, the characters, bios, quirks and how each character was slowly introduced into the show with so many open ended bits but beautifully balanced with the overall g1-ish culture of transformers, if not, edified it. It was extremely well-scripted. I really hope it comes back after transformers 3 as I still want to see what more of Metroplex and Fortress Maximus and of course, how animated StarSaber would look like :).. this type of concept knows no limit in it's exclusiveness because it makes imitation feel so novel. I've also been watching mystery incorporated and must admit it is simply brilliant :)

  3. @Derrick J. Wyatt

    Left a comment on your page!


    XD hello! And thank you for your comment! Do you have a blog yourself? When I tried clicking on your name, I couldn't read your profile because it is private. ^^

  4. haha, unfortunately i dont have an account. I was just browsing through some random transformers images when ur pictures popped up :)

  5. @nick

    XD that's cool, if you ever get a profile or blog, send a comment! :)