Saturday, July 24, 2010


Because one of these days I'm going to get a slot for one of her plushies...


Seriously, go check them out. If you don't melt... then you probably don't have a heart. Or a souuuulllll.... *magics* Now I really want to make my Protectobots into Puggleformers... I think Defensor Puggle will look hilarious.

Her crafts are located here.


  1. The linework is so gravy. Do you live trace analog sketches or is this all digital?
    Did your new portfolio ever get uploaded?

  2. @FENTON
    Thanks bud!

    @Matt Choto
    I sketch little thumbnails at first, scan them in or take pictures of them in photobooth, and then trace over them digitally. XD I've been completely spoiled with the cintiq. And no, the portfolio has not been uploaded, Tom says that he won't upload any of them until the 2nd of next month. Bummer