Friday, July 9, 2010

Desk and sleeping arrangements at DAAP

Here is my lovely desk, a bit messier than the other guys, but I make do. I've got food in random places, and although it looks like I just threw stuff on my desk, everything is actually placed where they're placed on purpose.

I swear.


Anyways, here are the possible sleeping arrangements at DAAP that... invariably, everyone in the transportation studio has tried. I've tried them more than the others just because I've got the longest commute.

PRO: They're everywhere
CON: It's a table. And it's only slightly better than sleeping on the floor.

PRO: More comfortable than tables and floors
CON: They're out in the hallways, and they're made of leather (thigh burns!)

PRO: Comfy!
CON: There can be only one...


  1. Hahaha I dig this. I really dig this. Have you tried sleeping on those cushions? I could never do it since people are always watching >_>


    Copyright your work? :D