Saturday, May 15, 2010

Greater Anderson Days Contest: Winning Entry

The GAD commission has chosen my entry to represent the Greater Anderson Days 2010 Community Celebration! Woo!
Greatest thing about it? FREE T-SHIRTS! *fist pump* Oh, and the exposure is good too. :)

“Having each letter of Greater Anderson Days represent a different image of what can be found at the celebration is a creative way to connect the viewer to the great time they'll have when they go. When people see the poster, they know that it's not just a festival for locals, but a yearly culmination of fun and activities that anyone can enjoy.”
BIO: Dou Hong is currently an undergraduate student at the College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning, at the University of Cincinnati. Dou is majoring in transportation design, and hopes to work in the animation/illustration or voice-over industry.
The only thing that I didn't do in the entry was add the sponsers at the bottom of the poster. They added that one. :) I'm going to try to make it on July 25th, which is Sunday I believe. They'll be printing out a whole bunch of pamplets and posters, which is pretty exciting. :)
Here was the original before I changed it to fit the theme a little bit better.


  1. This is doh-pe....dope! Did you hand sketch these then live trace them? The final result is really cool.

  2. Yes I did! I'm not as familiar with Illustrator that I am with Photoshop, so I just did that method instead.