Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bot Con 2009 Shockwave Costume

Kids... So cute!

And here are some stills.

This was definitely one of the funnest projects that I've ever done. :)

I almost forgot to upload this little diddy...

During my first part of my internship with Spin Master, I found out that Botcon would be at the Pasadena Convention center in California. I was definitely going to go, but with the help of my friend Chito, we decided to go a little further and actually make a costume.

It took about 80-100 hours of our spare time and three weeks, but in the end, we couldn't ask for anything better. A couple sheets of foam core, three bags of hot glue, and two cans of spray paint. For a first time costume for both me and him, it was a testament to what we could do if we tried hard enough.

Besides... it was fun as hell.

We didn't get to actually go into Botcon, but all the adults to recognized us (and the little kids, how do they know about G1?), it was worth it.

I hope I get to do it again sometime :)

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